The Hangry Pillow!


Guys, there’s a hangry pillow (special shout out to @CherylJDowling for bringing this gem to our attention)! We hangry chicks are so excited that people are getting the hangry word out. Perhaps this way, it will become a more widely accepted “condition.” Then, woman/man exchanges that used to be like this:

Woman: I’m irrationally angry!

Man: Women are crazy!

Will turn into this:

Woman: I’m irrationally angry!

Man: Oh my dearest, no worries, you’re just HANgry. I’ll make you a decedent meal stat, and we won’t have some silly argument, perhaps about how weird cats are and how you never want one walking their grubby litter ridden paws all over our apartment.

I digress…

Do yourself a favor and get one of these bad boys so that when someone is giving you the stink eye for causing a rage based out of hanger, you can throw this pillow at their head and tell them what’s what without having to explain yourself. You’ll accomplish 2 tasks: 1) Release your hanger rage in an almost playful pillowfighting way without looking cray and 2) With the definition written on the pillow,you will save precious hanger explaining time as you prepare your de-hangry meal.