Cherry Burgers for your Belly (By Natalie)

Last weekend I went to Northern Michigan to stand up in a wedding for one of my best buddies. Her name is Courtney Roscheck (well, now Thompson) and here she is, gettin’ hitched, with her new husband, Patrick. Look how happy she is!!!!!

The wedding was really fantastic and I had an amazing time.  As much as I would like to chronicle the fun I had with friends, this is a blog about being hangry, not weddings, so I’m going to write about some food and stuff (but seriously, Patrick and Courtney, if you’re reading this, that was one of the most rockin’ weekends I’ve had in a long time and a wedding I will never forget!).

On Sunday, my boyfriend Brady and I had some time to kill before our flight took off from Traverse City, so we headed into a local restaurant/brewery called Mackinaw Brewing Company for some nourishment before the flight. I thought that getting a healthy meal would be a feat at a brewery in Northern MI, but I was wrong my friends, I was wrong. On the menu, I spotted a healthy burger I had never heard of before, and that’s rare for this crabby patty (as my brother likes to call my microwaveable garden burgers) queen. It was called the Plevalean Burger. The menu touted that it was a 95% fat-free burger creation; mixed with lean ground beef and cherries (Northern Michigan is known for its cherries). Because my crabby patty queen status precedes me , I had to try this healthy alternative burger. Brady (who is quite a healthy eater himself) had to try it too. Let me tell ya, this burger was delish! I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t a real burger! And Brady dug it as well.

Here’s what the Plevlean People are saying about their burger:

* Low in fat * High in protein * Half the calories of a regular hamburger
* Source of fiber and vitamins * Less cooking time and clean up
* Seals itself while cooking to maintain juiciness and flavor
* More yield (less shrinkage) * Extended shelf life for added safety
*Contains natural antioxidants found in cherries for
added health benefits* Enhances any type of meat dish *
Easy to digest and fits in well with special diets * No warmed over flavor

Cherries and meat? You’d never think it, right? Well start thinking it and get on it. You can order these burgers from the Plevalean peeps and eat them like I did! Just click here to get some Cherry Burgers in your belly ASAP. And then let me know what you think about this crazy fruit and meat creation.



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