Ohmygodyouguys! Remember when we blogged about the Hangry Pillow that my friend Cheryl found for us??? Hold that memory…When I went to Chicago this weekend to visit my dear sister Greta, she had the Hangry Pillow waiting for me as a gift! YOU GUYS! I was so excited. Here is a picture of us on a 6 on the Hangry Scale holding the amazing pillow:


This pillow was sent to us from Australia from a delightful woman named Cath. I assume she’s delightful because of this lovely hand written note she left with the pillow:

ImageAlso, I love that her business is called the Bearded Pigeon and I love her logo. We are birds (chicks), too (stay tuned on the blog for OUR new logo!!!)!

You guys should know that this pillow is feather stuffed and a joy to lie a hangry head on. And, like I wrote in the post describing the pillow, it has multiple uses other than comfort. Reacquaint yourself with these uses and buy yourself a pillow STAT!



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