Eggs are Good for Hanger Abolishment (By Natalie)

This morning when I woke up, I was super hangry. According to the Hanger Scale, I’d put myself on an 8. Yep, that hangry. What’s great for satiating hanger? Protein. What’s a great way to get some protein? Eggs. Are there any more questions? No.

So I made some eggs. I’m gonna take you step by step through this incredibly easy to make meal.

First you gotta start with 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. I like to stick with the 1 egg for a little more fat and protein to cut out my hanger, and with the two whites because I don’t need that much fat and cholesterol for my healthy body. If you notice in the picture below, I’ve got 2 yolks not being used and then 1 egg-shell in the middle where you can clearly see, there is no yolk. I know, it’s crazy. We’re gonna get crazier.

I then put the mixture of 1 egg and 2 egg whites in a pan. NUTS! For your viewing pleasure, I took a picture of it.

Now, what is that stuff in the middle of the eggs? you might ask. It’s this awesome spice mixture I received from my friend Josh as a Christmas gift back in 2009. It’s called Special Omelet and he bought it at the New York Christmas Fair. I know he bought it there because I was with him. He then gave it to me as a gift later.  I loved it so much that used it all the time. Not only in omelets. Oh, no. I also used it on chicken and other…stuff. I used the little bag right up. What was I to do? The Special Omelet was all gone! To my delight, I later found it at a street fair and discovered it was from a place called Spices and Tease (how clever) and promptly bought another bag. It looks like this:

I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t look like a spice. It looks like something you’d roll up and light. Don’t worry my illegal friends. It’s just a spice called Special Omelet.

SO…moving on. As I am letting the eggs get all cooked and stuff, I pop a piece of Ezekiel bread in the toaster. What is Ezekiel bread? you might ask. Well first of all, here’s a picture of it.

If you still don’t know what it is after seeing this bag and thinking, oh yeah, I’ve seen that in the grocery store before, I will quote what the Ezekiel people say about themselves:

“This unique bread is made from freshly sprouted live grains and contains absolutely no flour…sprouting is the best way to release all of the vital nutrients stored in whole grains. Our exclusive sprouting process…causes a natural change that allows the protein and carbohydrates to be assimilated by the body more efficiently.”

Heeeyyy! Rockin’ the proteins and carbs and nutrients! I’ll sign up, Ezekiel. Plus, this bread is really yummy. It’s nutty and chewy and dense…My favorite kind of bread.

So I’m toasting the bread and scrambling the eggs and then I wash some strawberries because strawberries are delicious and good for me. Then when the bread is all perfectly toasted, I lightly spread some natural peanut butter on that sh*t, and volia, egg breakfast du jour.

Of course my favorite lobster mug is in there. Oh, and a multi-vitamin because a girl’s gotta stay healthy, right? Am I right?

So there you are. Hunger is abolished and tummy is happy.


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